FLESH/CIRCUIT is a ditherpunk VN set in the all-too-near future. Something is amiss in [Obvious J-ff B-z-s Analog]'s orbital party mansion. The resulting fallout will bring lovers together and shatter them apart across the digital borderline.


  • ~9000 word script!
  • Character developed for the brief: What if Char Aznable was a girl?
  • "Retrofuturist" "aesthetics" rendered in an appropriately humble 800x600 fixed resolution
  • Tender love and kisses and/or a hint of enemies to lovers!? [Requested for movement to YMMV]
  • One choice, and two endings (I forgot... this is an Adventure Game!)
  • It currently takes around an hour to play in the default autoplay settings, but length adjusts to shorter or longer depending on your reading speed.
  • Epic tunes thanks to Ultima 64's age of dissolution and existential victory albums. (Artist's twitter
  • See the Readme (Download button) for full asset list and credits.


The version available now is very close to the version I submitted for Believeinthe.net's 1 Jam. I plan to keep working on it and improving it gradually over time. Plans include:

  1. GUI refinements (yes it's jank rn)  It's better!
  2. Visuals/transitions refinements
  3. Script refinements and added scenes
  4. Original music? (if foto wants to help me not get caught by copyright police 🥺) I'm free!!
  5. Downloadable/packaged version!



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Super interesting and looking forward to see how this VN develops over time!

J-ff B-z-s sounds like a star wars robot